School days, school days. Dear old golden rule days

All this writing is making me soft.

Too many long hours of sitting.

The lines are starting to run into each other, hovering beneath the sounds, vibrating thru the pen.

I need to become strong again, train my body for combat, throw myself into existence.

I should get to work. Get in the proper mindset. Prepare for war. The war against the suburbs, against pizza and water slides, against the fears and wishes, harness the sexual power and the frightening potential of the youth.

I found this side of myself the other night and I don’t why, but it was there.

-Around 2:00 a.m. or something, back in college, after a really swell time with my friends and all our really cute girlfriends we all just hung out, you know, and drank lots of sody-pop and felt really cool, watched tons of TV and listened to a lot of real new music, stuff I never heard before. And then we ate pizza … pepperoni pizza and that was cool but we all got bored and the girls were getting tired and us boys were getting kinda horny but the girls just wanted to go to sleep but not us boys, we wanted – we needed – to do something. But the girls kept saying they were tired but us boys said no way and we kept them up, started kissing them with our mouths and pinched and pulled on those cute little skirts they had on, really sweet things, the ones they just got for Christmas. They started laughing and so then we showed them our things. We were all having fun, the girls asked us to make them big so we did and we really started to like it and really got into it. One boy was getting nervous and said he thought his dick was going to explode, but this one girl said that it was all right, he could blow it on her. –


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